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Custom Branded Magazines are a powerful tool for sharing your voice and personality with your audience
Through local content and interviews, we help you broaden the appeal of your brand.

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The only way you can stay ahead of the game is to differentiate your business and yourself.
“We help you stand out from the crowd”

Editorial Content

Decor, lifestyle, and real estate articles will provide an easy read while presenting a ‘soft sell’ byway of material that your clients will actually want to read. All branded to you.

Hyperlocal Marketing

Part of the ability to drive new customers -comes from the fact that local advertising reaches a specific audience rather than casting a wide net. It makes sense to target customers who live, work or are simply nearby their place of business. Hyperlocal `{`advertising`}` targets neighborhoods in an attempt to generate new customers and hopefully get a return and lifelong customers.

Custom Magazine

A well-produced magazine is a powerful marketing tool that creates excitement, generates interest, reinforces your brand and instills trust.

Personally Branded Magazine

Your story is what sets you apart from your competition. Your story makes you unique. Your story will attract and retain customers. No matter how much you spend on advertising, marketing and promotion; if you don’t tell your story well, you’ll have wasted money–but more importantly your time.

Become the Expert

A digital publication allows you to increase not only your visibility but your online credibility as well.

Expand Your Audience

Our unique marketing magazine, when coupled with social media, creates a credible online presence for you, increasing lead generation which in turn increases your bottom line.



of Brand Marketers think branded content is more effective than advertising in a magazine



pieces of content are shared each day. As one would suspect, Facebook is the most popular method for sharing interesting content.



of Marketers think that custom content is the future of marketing.



of consumers find custom content useful to building relationships with businesses.

Develop relevant, branded content.

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It is not enough to simply be present online. You must offer entertaining and useful articles and images. Keep their attention, and in turn, they will think of you when the opportunity arises. Intelligent branding is essential to your business – either you are jumping on the bandwagon, or you are being left behind as your competitors take the lead and edge you out of the marketplace. SCRIBBLER Publications will brand your digital publication with your photo, logo, colors, and live links throughout, guiding readers to your business, content, website, and social media pages.

Are you ready to discover the benefits of digital magazines by SCRIBBLER Publications for yourself? Then let’s have a chat to learn the specifics of this unique product and see how other businesses are using it to generate leads, new customers, increased revenues, and referrals.

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